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Linde AG, Iran Branch

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About us

Linde AG is a German multinational chemical company founded in 1879. It is among the world largest industrial gas companies. The group is headquartered in Munich,Germany.Linde's revenue in 2016 were €16.9 billion, with over 60 thousand employees.
The Linde Group today has two principal business areas: (i) Industrial Gases and (ii) Engineering services.
Linde Gas supplies industrial gases, medical gases, specialty gases, refrigerants, etc. These may be supplied in portable gas cylinders, in liquefied form, from on-site gas generators or in gaseous form via pipeline to large customers.
Linde Engineering designs large-scale plants for production and purification of industrial gases including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, as well as large Natural Gas processing & LNG plants and Olefin units. Linde also provides purification technologies; e.g; PSA, TSA, VPSA, etc. In Iran, Linde has over 110 reference plants installed since 1970th.
Some major projects in Iran include; Mobin ASU, Amir Kabir Olefin, Marun Olefin, Pars PC, Fajr ASU, Iran LNG, etc.

Products and services

Linde Engineering provides design and construction solution for Olefin Processes, Air Separation units (O2,N2,Ar), Pressure swing adsorption (PSA), Hydrogen and Syn.gas (including Ammonia, Methanol, Carbon Monoxide), Carbon Dioxide capture and processing, Natural gas processing incl. Gas treatment and fractionation & LNG, Furnace systems (Reformers, Crackers, etc.), Special type heat exchangers (Plate-Fin & Coil wound Heat exchangers).
Linde Ammonia Plant in Russia

Linde Ammonia Plant in Russia

Ammonia Plant in Togliatti, Russia designed and engineered based on Linde Ammonia Concept for production of 1340 MTPD Ammonia.
The plant started up in 2017.

Hammerfest LNG plant in Norway

Hammerfest LNG plant in Norway

Hammerfest LNG complex located in Snøhvit, Norway was built in 2007.
The plant is for manufacturing of 4.3 MTPA LNG.
Linde was involved as turnkey contractor of the gas liquefaction unit for Statoil/Hydro (The project owner)

Linde Cracking Furnace

Linde Cracking Furnace

The image shows a Linde Design typical liquid hydrocarbon cracking furnace in an Olefin plant.


Linde AG, Iran Branch
Kajabadi Street- Africa Ave
1966913175 Tehran

Phone: +98 21 22664548

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