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Artes Valve & Service GmbH

Booth number: 38-B.2404

The company ARTES Valve & Service GmbH is your expert contact for all kinds of control valves.

At our two production sites in Velten and Quakenbrück, we manufacture special control valves for use in the petrochemical industry, power plants and chemical plants. Our valves are precise, durable, and custom designed for your requirements and your special application.

In addition, we also provide service for your valves, from simple diagnostics and valve seat regrinding to repair with new spare parts or even complete reconstruction.

Independent of the manufacturer. Reliable. Professional.

Our team of more than 30 employees is happy to provide assistance for your projects – whether you require new valves or service on existing valves. You can rely on our reliability and expertise.

Artes Valve & Service GmbH
Parkallee 7
16727 Velten

Phone: +49 3304 24724-10
E-mail: info@artes-valve.de
Internet: www.artes-valve.com


ATB Schorch GmbH

Booth number: 38-B.2551

ATB SCHORCH is a modern, market-oriented supplier of many different types of industry, e.g. oil & gas, chemical/petrochemical industry, energy generation, water supply and waste water management, shipbuilding, steel and metal processing industry, test stands, tunnel applications etc.

In all these applications, our tailor-made products and systems have, time and again, met the highest requirements in view of both quality and reliability.

It has always been our aim to design and construct innovative products to the highest possible quality standards, fully meeting our customers’ requirements, with due regard to the protection of the environment.

Our tailor-made drive concepts give you the competitive edge – worldwide.


  • Three-Phase Asynchronous Machines - Low-voltage up to 4,800 kW.

  • Three-Phase Asynchronous Machines - High-voltage up to 25,000 kW.

  • Explosion-protected Motors- flameproof up to 10,000 kW.

  • Drive Systems and System Engineering.

  • Maintenance and repair service.

ATB Schorch GmbH
Breitestr. 131
41238 Moenchengladbach

Phone: +49 2166 9250
Fax: +49 2166 925100

E-mail: mail@schorch.de
Internet: www.schorch.de


BAUER Maschinen GmbH

Booth number: 38-B.2537

Specialist foundation engineering equipment from the BAUER Maschinen Group is the global benchmark in the industry.

Customers all over the world place their trust in the unmatched quality of Bauer machinery when it comes to buying rotary drilling rigs, trench cutters, duty-cycle cranes and drilling accessories.

Together with their specialized subsidiary company, the group can offer the right equipment for nearly any foundation application. It ranges from pile drivers with diesel or hydraulic powered hammers, anchors, slurry mixing and separation, soil improvement and soil mixing.

It also includes systems for well drilling and for blastholes, as well as systems for trenchless installation and rehabilitation of sewer and utility lines.

Teams of civil engineers, foremen, operators and mechanics are ready for assisting customers of Bauer Maschinen in starting up complex projects and in training customer´s staff on their projects or in special training courses in the head office.

BAUER Maschinen GmbH
Bauer-Str. 1
86529 Schrobenhausen

Phone: +49 8252 970
E-mail: Hermann.Schrattenthaler@bauer.de
Internet: www.bauer.de


KOBOLD Messring GmbH -Iran

Booth number: 38-B.2525

KOBOLD Messring GmbH -Iran
Nordring 22–24
65719 Hofheim/Taunus

Phone: +49 6192 2990
Fax: +49 6192 23398

E-mail: info.de@kobold.com
Internet: www.kobold.com


Körting Hannover AG

Booth number: 38-B.2412

Körting vacuum systems fulfil the highest requirements for petrol refineries. Our ejectors and condensers combine reliability, optimal consumption figures and individual design.

With over 145 years of experience, Körting carried out many refinery projects worldwide. Engineering expertise and flexibility are the strengths that set Körting Hannover AG, its subsidiaries and local representatives apart.

Customers’ requirements are growing in complexity and so are demands for integrated solutions. Close partnership with customers, industry, science and research spheres spawn new product developments and services, as well as innovative applications. We analyse exactly the customer wants, create and set solutions in motion.

Striving for technological leadership - We achieve this goal by constantly developing and growing our international business through advanced products and services. Our approach is highly customer-focused.

Jet ejectors / vacuum technology

  • jet ejectors of all types of motive and suction media for conveying and mixing liquids, gases, vapours and solids at up to 300 bar operating pressure

  • condensers designed as mixing and surface condensers for process engineering applications

  • multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems which combine steam jet ejectors and mixing or surface
    condensers to generate vacuum levels for a wide range of applications

  • process engineering systems such as steam jet chilling plants

  • steam jet heaters for heating liquids through direct steam feed for industrial processes

  • liquid jet mixing nozzles and tank mixing systems

    Waste gas cleaning / environmental Technology

  • waste water treatment systems with Körting ejectors

  • Venturi and jet scrubbers for cooling, scrubbing and conveying as well as for separating particles from waste gases

  • swirl droplet separators for separating even difficult products from waste gases

Körting Hannover AG
Badenstedter Str. 56
30453 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 21290
Fax: +49 511 2129223

E-mail: st@koerting.de
Internet: www.koerting.de


Revoseal Europe GmbH

Booth number: 38-B.2450-1

We are revoseal

Awesome applications require awesome gaskets

The productivity of a system decides on its competitiveness – in particular in international process industries. In the chemical, petrochemical, gas production and related sectors, the small and almost invisible elements of a facility or a column are playing a crucial role; we are talking about gaskets. Their technology, quality and durability decide on productivity or downtime.

revoseal is partner of the process industry for extraordinarily efficient gaskets and with this in mind has taken over the products, patents and technical know-how of the company Jungtec.

At revoseal the innovative capacity, quality and technology of Jungtec are combined with international service, professional key-accounting and technical expertise for sector-specific requirements also in pharma and food.

At their Cologne location revoseal invests in research and development thus providing for a sustainable basis needed for further continuous improvement of the products as well as expansion of the portfolio in the near future.

Revoseal Revolution: The Revolution gasket is an embossed flat profile gasket consisting of a flexible stainless steel carrier and encapsulated graphite or PTFE on both sides. Revolution is the alternative to all conventional flat gasket types.

Revoseal JG/JP:The internationally patented geometry of outer and inner cogging completely encapsulates the graphite or PTFE layers. The tooth geometry has been calculated in such a way that even at using low quality bolts an ideal compression of the graphite layers and a double metallic sealing can be achieved.

Universal centering system Vario:The Vario centering system avoids misapplication and at the same time reduces the number of gasket types to be available from stock and increases the system availability.The form of the centering segments allows balancing for different outside diameters.

There is no risk of confusion or getting off-centre. Time-consuming positioning by means of anti-fatigue shaft screws is no longer necessary.

Revoseal Europe GmbH
Industriestr. 1
50259 Pulheim

Phone: +49 2238 479990
Fax: +49 2238 4799920

E-mail: info@revoseal.com
Internet: www.revoseal.com


WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: 38-B.2449

WITT is a high-quality manufacturer of gas safety and gas control equipment. The product range includes gas mixers, gas analysers, package leak detection equipment as well as flashback arrestors and non-return valves made of brass and stainless steel, safety relief valves, dome pressure regulators, gas filters and quick couplers.

Wherever gases are used, WITT products are specified owing to their high precision and reliability: In food & beverage, steel industries, automotive engineering, aircraft- and engine construction, thermal processing etc.

With more than 70 years of cross-sector experience in gas control and gas safety equipment, WITT is able to create solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

WITT supports its customers every step of the way: from product selection and planning through to commissioning as well as maintenance and repair.

WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Salinger Feld 4–8
58454 Witten

Phone: +49 2302 89010
E-mail: witt@wittgas.com
Internet: www.wittgas.com