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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Zohr Project: Major order from the oil and gas industry

BUTTING recently received a major order from the oil and gas industry: Sumitomo Corporation of Tokyo commissioned BUTTING to supply a total of more than 60 km of metallurgically clad pipes for the Zohr project; which is the largest project for Gas production in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the...

Exhibitor: H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG

Type NKX

Self-venting pump for thermal oil, type NKX, for temperatures up to 350 °C

Exhibitor: Dickow Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG


"shell-safe" monitor for non-metallic containment shells for magnet couplings (mag-drives)

Exhibitor: Dickow Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG


"double-safe" monitor for double wall containment shells for magnet couplings (mag-drives)

Exhibitor: Dickow Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG

Electronic Remote Water Level Gauge

Electronic remote water level gauge type EWLI with evaluating device CU-3. Application and function: The electronic remote water level gauge EWLI can be used for steam boilers. The conductive measuring principle is used to detect the water level height. Special processors evaluate the...

Exhibitor: IGEMA GmbH


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, According to the changes and new requirements in the Iranian market, LESER GmbH & Co. KG decided to re-organize its operational structure in Iran. We herewith would like to provide you with the new local LESER contact information as below. You can send your...

Exhibitor: LESER GmbH & Co. KG

New LICAD® 10 release

LICAD ® is the leading software worldwide for the design of pipe support systems. It enables the generation of support drawings, material lists and 3D models. LICAD ® 10 offers the user clearly improved handling and extra functions! The highlights of version 10 are, among others:...

Exhibitor: LISEGA SE

Powerful and distinctive: the NEA high speed compressor model 560hs

Compact, robust and extremely powerful: that is how the new NEA high-speed compressor frame 560hs presents itself. Designed for the worldwide natural gas market, it serves all major gas-related applications such as gas processing and transportation, gas storage and gas boosting. The shorter...


The new Oil Dynamics Multiphase Pumping System (MPS)

Oil Dynamics is now offering a Multiphase Pumping System based on a fully compliant API 676 twin-screw concept allowing to pump multiphase fluids such as oil, gas and water mixtures. The proven twin screw technology is coming from our highly experienced and Bornemann-licensed partner. Our pumping...

Exhibitor: Oil Dynamics GmbH

Offering now Permanent Magnet Motors for ESP for increased efficiency and flexibility

The submersible electric motor is the workhorse of an ESP system. Beside standard induction (asynchronous) motors (IM) Oil Dynamics is now offering permanent magnet (synchronous) motors (PMM) to cover the entire scope of possible ESP applications. Contrary to the induction motor the PMM has no...

Exhibitor: Oil Dynamics GmbH

Shock Logger PCE-VDL series

The data loggers PCE-VDL series are available in two versions. The data logger PCE-VDL 16I contains sensors for the following physical units: temperature, humidity, air pressure, light and 3-axis acceleration. The max. sampling rate of the acceleration sensor is 1600 Hz, the other sensors are...

Exhibitor: PCE Deutschland GmbH

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge PCE-TG 300

The gauge PCE-TG 300 is a multi-mode ultrasonic thickness gauge. Based on the same operating principles as SONAR, the instrument is capable of measuring the thickness of various materials with accuracy as high as 0.1/0.01 mm. The ultrasonic thickness gauge determines the thickness of a part or...

Exhibitor: PCE Deutschland GmbH

Revolution TG

Revoseal Europe GmbH developed a Revolution gasket for tongue and groove application with installation flap. Available with Graphite and alternatively with PTFE layers. High sealability will be achieved with low seating stress and due to the installation flap the seal can easily be positioned...

Exhibitor: Revoseal Europe GmbH

DPX 105: The first DPX series plunger pump is now available

You can view and download the technical data of the new, extremely compact DPX 105 high-pressure plunger pump by visiting this page:

Exhibitor: Wepuko Pahnke GmbH

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